My Favorite Beaches

There are many beautiful beaches in this world. My two favorite are Trunk Bay on St. Johns, USVI and Magens Bay on St. Thomas, USVI.

Living on the East coast I do not have to travel that far to get to two of the most beautiful beaches in the world. These two beaches are rated as two of the best in the world.

Trunk Bay which is on St. Johns, USVI is on an island that has National Park status. This means that most of the island (60%) cannot be developed. It is absolutely beautiful here. One can go snorkeling in 19 feet of water and actually see the bottom. The fish and the various colors of the fish are breathtaking.

Magens Bay is a close second for me. The water is beautiful with gorgeous views. Going to these beaches during our winters makes it extra special.

The photo on the left is Megans Bay and the one on the right is Trunk Bay. One of the things I like is taking the ferry from St. Thomas where the ship docks over to Trunk Bay. It is a beautiful ride.