Cruising Means Different Things To Different People

Cruising in my opinion is the best way to travel for many reasons. For one, I think it is the best value for your bang. Food, entertainment and in some cases shore excursions and drinks are included.

While some people like to spend their vacation on the beach and there certainly is nothing wrong with that, if you are like me I like to see different cultures and foods. A cruise takes you in luxury from one place to the next. One is in a different place every day. Some cruises even stay in ports till late at night or, overnight to allow guests to take full advantage of that port of call.

Cruising the Caribbean will give you the beach and great shopping. To me, this is great in the winter when it is cold at home, I can get away to the warm for a week or longer.

If I am looking to cruise any other time of the year, I am going to want to cruise the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Asia or even South America. Some destinations like South America is not available for cruising in our summer months. This is one destination I would like to explore more.

If you are looking to learn more about cruising and your options, please give us a call so that we can assist you with your options.

Danny has been cruising since 1962. The more he cruises the more he wants to cruise. Cruising is certainly my happy place.