My Favorite City

As a child I was very fortunate to have parents that loved to travel. My mom was from Germany and spent 9 years in Paris as a kid. My dad is of Russian decent and spent 14 years in Paris going to school.

As a kid I spent most summers in Europe. Most of the time Paris would be our base and we would travel north to Holland, west to Austria and to Italy a bit.

I fell in love with Paris, so much so that I wish that I could have spent 6 months a year in Paris and 6 months a year in the U.S.

It is not that Paris is a beautiful city with so much beauty and history. It is the food and art that goes with it.

Even when one leaves the city, the country has so much to offer. The wine country, the Alps, Chateaux country and the French Riviera. From Nice to Monte Carlo, WOW.

There are so many areas I would love to go back to. One thing I would love to do one day is go to Lyon and go to the cooking school and have a wonderful dinner.

Here are some great photos from my last trip to Paris in the summer of 2017. Long live this gorgeous country.